Alhamdullilah for all that’s on our plate and all around! Living in the world of uncertainty something that’s always certain is the life hereafter! And to know and be prepared for that is to Read and Understand “The Holy Quran” . As a steppingstone towards the eternal wellbeing let’s embark on this reading journey by teaching Arabic to our little kiddos right from as soon as they grasp it.

In this beautiful series In Sha Allah , I’d like to from the will from Allah want to help co parents who are with me in this, to teach and train and guide our little ones in learning and understanding the Arabic Alphabet!

This website is not just only about creative parenting! It’s about Homeschooling our little ones right from when they are ready for what they are ready and for whom they are ready!
As a culture of Islamic household we would fail miserably if we just focus on the worldly affairs and knowledge and not help our kids learn the Deen. All the young years are so much lost in all the activities that the Islamic knowledge has become a negligible time to be spent on. I’d try to reverse this to an extent that allows balance between Islam and the World for the nextG!

Bismillah ,So here we start with the very first alphabet Alif! Remember my elder one is 3 years old and most of our activities will be centered for that age but always keep in mind each child is different and some alterations to suit your household learning will do best for you and your kids!

Alif – Earth – Arz , Lion – Asad , Colors – Alwan.

These are very basic vocabulary building guide for kids, something a 3-4 year old kid can easily grasp. Here are some activities that you can try to teach them the above words.

Earth- Arz

Firstly we used a coloring page template to paint the Earth Blue Green!

Secondly we improvised using Blue Green dyed pasta to the template!

Thirdly we set up a plate with Blue Green Pom Pom balls to simulate the global!

All these activities required simple house stuff like colored pasta, some colored Pom Pom balls we got locally and if you don’t have printable templates, You can very well just draw your own outlines! That simple it is!

Lion – Asad

Firstly we used Arabic flash cards and had a few lion miniatures which we used it up here!

Secondly again a plate set up depicting the lion face from orange yellow colored Pom pom balls!

If you follow my activities you would know by now that most of it is revolving around simple basic DIY which any of you can go about doing with minimalistic materials or recycled ones!

Colors – Alwan

There are going to be numerous posts on this in future!! This is one topic we teach first to our kids and if you happen to see my Instagram Grid you can see tons of DIY- so all of it will find place here!!! (Some day in future) but till then just included a couple of the activities here for color introduction

Firstly colored pasta – I have rainbow dyed pasta of the one expired ones ( I generally don’t use edibles for play for multiple reasons one most important being not to waste food) so this was just improvisation of those pasta and I guarantee you the same kids who hate pasta love this sensory play just for the reason because it’s all colorful and inviting.

Secondly the colorful yarn and the Pom Pom balls are out and in full swing to be explored in all the ways that you could think of!!

So Welcome to this beautiful journey of Arabic Letters learning. Let me know what have you tried with your kids, and I will add up your ideas on our future posts!

May Allah be pleased with all our actions and deeds. Ameen.

Much Love,

Ps: You can find links to all these materials on our Amazon Store Front under Arts & Crafts Essentials!