Introducing creative parenting skills from a Dr.Mom

Welcome to our beautiful corner where we believe in introducing parents to creative parenting from a Doctor Mom to establish effective learning in our Miniature Humans. We aim to build in our toddlers from childhood so that they perceive hard+ smart work as a form of lifestyle! We hope to increase the reasoning and answering in our kids so that they become well informed humans tomorrow!



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Pre-writing skills

Teach your child how to Write? for aged 2 to 4

Fine Motor Skills

Here is an idea of how to entertain your toddler at home? 

Hi, I am Dr. Maliha Saman

I see kids as Mini Adults and would love each one of you to think deep on it which will automatically change the parenting we are into in. Myself- A Dentist by Profession who chose to document our parenting to help co parents in this beautiful hard journey of parenting!

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Dinosaur Unit Study

Dinosaur Unit Study

Welcome to an entire new series where’in ll try to upload all our different play activities that we carried out at as a part of our Home Schooling journey. The topics are curated as a 10 month Curriculum. You can download them for free as Monthly Curriculum for...

How to teach kids Arabic Alphabet the Easy way

How to teach kids Arabic Alphabet the Easy way

Alhamdullilah for all that’s on our plate and all around! Living in the world of uncertainty something that’s always certain is the life hereafter! And to know and be prepared for that is to Read and Understand “The Holy Quran” . As a steppingstone towards the eternal...

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Wow, each one is very intersting and easy to do… this way is perfect for working mom!😍😍

Very Much intersting❤️️️❤️️️

i just love it!

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