I’m not here to advocate any material & make home-schooling overwhelming for you all. We are entirely home-schooled & have no classes/schools to go to, so that’s why I try to bring in some materials which both the kids can use & benefit from.

The Montessori rods are one such set which challenges so many aspects of learning, from being a sensorial to maths material it helps in understanding of various concepts in a concrete way.

This presentation is advocated to aid in understanding a particular number symbol to the number of rods present. This is matching a rod to its numeral.

The concepts you can practice from these rods are,

💫Numbers 1-10
💫 Addition
💫 Subtraction
💫 Odd/even , pattern formation, matching number & so on!

This activity involved an extension to build a stair pattern using the rods, a beautiful pattern recognition skill, & balancing act required.

The boys feel any activity incomplete if not linked with cars & trucks! This is their ever green car parking getting ready.

Also we tried the various extensions apart from the usual ones mentioned above!

The random squarish formation, connecting the rods & balancing them.

A Christmas tree kinda formation!

The beautiful maze, which involves just not setting it up, but walking around which focuses on deep concentration & gross motor skill enhancement. Who said learning can’t be fun, them exploring their senses & coming up with various extensions is what I long to see.

And yes these rods are DiY’d, got wood cut from carpenter & shared the rod measurements which is as each rod increases by a factor of 10cm, so nos 1 rod is 10cm & Nos 10 rod is 100cm. I Got red /blue tapes & stuck them as per the markings! A weekend project done n functional now in Rs500 total!

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