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“Hello, and thank you for visiting my corner of the digital world! I am Dr. Maliha Saman A, a passionate dentist and dedicated Early Childhood and Montessori educator who has embarked on the extraordinary journey of homeschooling my own children.

As a dentist, my professional journey revolves around fostering oral health and wellness, but my commitment to education doesn’t stop there. Embracing the principles of Montessori, I’ve discovered the incredible potential within each child, and this insight has profoundly influenced my approach to homeschooling.

Within these virtual walls, you’ll discover a wealth of resources, insights, and stories where Montessori philosophy meets the personalized adventure of homeschooling.

Join me on this expedition where the principles of Montessori education guide our homeschooling adventures. Let’s create a harmonious learning environment that fosters independence, creativity, and a lifelong love for learning.

Thank you for being a part of this community.

I look forward to sharing the wonders of Montessori-inspired home-schooling with you!”


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Hi, I am Dr. Maliha Saman

Welcome to our beautiful corner, where we believe in introducing creative parenting skills to new parents, guided by Doctor Mom, to establish effective learning in our Miniature Humans. We aim to instill in our toddlers, from childhood, the perception that diligent and intelligent work is a lifestyle. We hope to enhance the reasoning and critical thinking skills of our kids so that they become well-informed individuals tomorrow!”

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Such a great session. How simple mam has explained lovely…every thing is not suitable to everyone trusting the child and observing is great…materials approach everything is good to knowing. Thank you, mam


Very happy to listen to Dr. Maliha mam. You are so inspiring and very genuine in putting all your efforts in sharing your knowledge to us and together we raise an independent and more confident next generation kids.. Really thankful for this summit for getting a chance to listen to you.

Chandhini Selvaraj

Such an informative session it is even I’m just wondering how can she not even taking a 1sec break and explaining for continuous one hr not even make the audience boring such a passionate educator.. Kudos to you mam


Thank you soo much for such an informative session… learnt many new things today…and Dr Maliha mam…your such an inspiration that you home-school your kids being a doctor and also take time to make DIYs, make schedules and household chores…and on top of that seminars and workshops like this…pheww. How can you manage your time. Thank you once again mam


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