I’m no super parent and no one literally is! Do you think you can strive to be !? Well we can all try and let’s try together to crack the ultimate parenting hack to the lovely lovelies that we have baked into this awe fully beautiful world!

Aren’t you brimming with excitement to begin this journey ? Well I was indeed but over period of years the excitement has been over shadowed by a lot of emotions ! Let’s explore all our phases in this phase of parenting!

We all want to raise kids in a manner they are prepared and well informed and equipped of the happenings. But how do we raise them more competent and more awesome?

“Since inception we all dream that they make it big ,
far and wide,
all around through the tide.
Yes! You are not alone!
And you are very well on page with me!
That’s why you see
I made this up for you and me” -AMS

Watch out for my insanity here with two boys and all my that we do, hug sleep eat and play, learn and bloom our days away!!!

Much Love,